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We are the only dedicated franchise resales broker in the UK affiliated with the British Franchise Association



‘We often get asked by franchisees ‘How much is my business worth?’

A business market appraisal is based on past trends and most buyers will look at how a business has been performing when deciding whether to buy, and if so what to offer.

If you would like a free business market appraisal, click the link below to answer a few questions and have somebody contact you.   Remember this is a basic market appraisal and will not be as accurate as a full valuation.

Note* Franchise Resales will determine a marketing figure for your business based on the information submitted via our market appraisal form. Once we have seen your full accounts we reserve the right to revise the marketing figure to reflect information derived from those accounts.

Money back guarantee when purchasing a business through Franchise Resales!

Starting a business, even with the support of a franchise concept can be pretty daunting.  Our new Premium Buyer Service is designed to take the stress out of finding a franchise resale business.  Buyer’s no longer need to spend time and energy looking at franchises that are just not suitable.  We know what franchisors are looking for, and we can guide you towards franchises that are right for you.




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Stronger Together: Why You Need Support to Succeed in a Franchise

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Why Choose Us?

Experts in selling franchised businesses.

When it comes to selling your franchise, working with industry experts will save you valuable time, money and unnecessary hassle. We are the only company of our kind, helping franchisees to find an effective exit route, one that is both smooth and efficient. Simplify your sale with our unique process – 01522 246811.

Experience in Franchise Resales

Our team of business brokers have been selling franchises for many years, working with some of the biggest names in the UK. We are the leading franchise resellers in the industry, with a huge network of specialists and consultants. Our experience is second-to-none – 01522 246811.

We are the only dedicated franchise reseller in the UK

Although other companies may offer franchise solutions as part of their services, we are the only dedicated franchise reseller in the UK affiliated to the British Franchise Association. In this highly specialised sector, it is our experience that delivers consistent, effective results. Franchising has become one of the most popular ways to grow a business, so we believe resale numbers will continue to increase. There has never been a better time to consider franchising – 01522 246811.

Complete end to end process

We offer a one-stop solution to sell or buy a franchised business. Our process includes exit planning, preparing the business for sale, due diligence, independent valuation, sourcing and gaining franchisor approval of a purchaser, national marketing, funding introductions, a panel of solicitors and coordination of the entire process. We can also provide investors with the opportunity to purchase an entire franchise network or a master licence. How can we help you? – 01522 246811.