Working From Home Successfully

Working From Home

Working from home, at least for the time being, is a requirement for many businesses. Whilst many of you will be accustomed to working in an office environment or even out and about meeting clients – this change may come as a bit of a shock. So, it’s also important to have the right tools and to have plenty of self-discipline in order to use the day productively.


Here are some tips to help you stay motivated, retain work-life balance and even maintaining good video conferencing etiquette.


Set Up a Workspace


Firstly, lay down some boundaries. Where does your working day begin and your home life end? Ensure you have a dedicated workspace, whilst it might be appealing to work from bed, it won’t necessarily help you to be productive. If you don’t have a home office, set up space for yourself where you can create a productive work environment that separates your work life from your home life.


Use Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is a must! If you haven’t already utilised it – now is the perfect time. Not only does it allow you to continue to run your business safely, there is also the added bonus of conversing with others outside of your home during this difficult time. Email and instant messaging are useful, but they don’t replace face-to-face meetings. We have utilised Teams for our staff meetings for some time now, but since the restrictions were implemented, we have found that using video calling software such as Zoom for our clients has allowed meetings to go ahead, that would have otherwise been cancelled.


Schedule Your Work


Research shows that sticking to a schedule with good routine and structure is essential. Planning out your day, including your online meetings, your dinner hour, even your daily exercise – is a vital part of successfully working from home. Don’t be tempted to keep pushing that snooze button; oversleeping has been shown to dampen your cognitive function in the same way that sleep deprivation does. Using scheduling software or even just an online calendar will help you to stay on track with all of your tasks from day to day.


Improve Your Internet Access


Check your internet connection. If you are struggling to work effectively you might want to speak to your provider and find out what they are doing to boost your connection during this time. If you’re working from home for a long period of time, you may want to reconsider your internet connection. You need enough bandwidth to get your work done and stay in touch with people.


Dress for the occasion


Whilst you might be tempted to stay in your pyjamas all day, it is important that you dress for your job. Not only will you look better on video conferences in your work clothes, it will also help your brain to enter work mode. Getting dressed for work allows you to make the transition into work a little easier than if you are just getting out of bed and switching on the computer.


We hope these tips will help you with your working day! They have certainly helped us!

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