Women In Business

Women In Business

For years, the franchise industry has been dominated by men; although it remains that there is still a higher percentage of male franchisees within the sector, the number of females is steadily increasing. According to the NatWest/BFA survey 2018, 37% of new franchisees are female. This number may seem relatively low, however, it’s above average when compared to the number of women who own SMEs in the UK, and it’s a breakthrough when you consider that in 2005, over 80% of new franchisees were male.


In recent years, there have been many initiatives to encourage women to become involved, not only in franchising but in the UK business population. The BFA and EWIF (Encouraging Women in Franchising) are just two of the organisations that are helping to promote franchising to a wider female audience.


Here at Franchise Resales, we love to get behind these events and help to empower women in the franchise industry. Our own team has grown from being predominantly male to now having an equal split.


Our CEO, Julie Taylor, began life in the franchise industry over 20 years ago. Julie has seen the industry change over the years and is proud to have been a part of the change. Julie began her career in franchising, working with RE/MAX and has since worked in various roles within retail and property franchising. Julie really came into her own when she left her job to start her own business; Franchise Resales was one of her first customers. Working with the founder, Derick Simpson, Julie started in Sales Support, dealing with enquiries, liaising with and supporting the account managers. When her son, Michael, joined her in 2012, he took Julie’s role whilst she went on to become an account manager. In 2015, Julie and Michael headed up a management buy-in; becoming the new Directors and Julie is now the CEO of Franchise Resales.


Julie loves her job and enjoys creating relationships and partnerships with others. The Franchise Resales ethos is all about creating a win-win scenario for all involved. Julie heads up a mixed team of employed staff, self-employed account managers and sub-contractors, and is looking to expand the team further as we move into the 2nd phase of a 10-year plan.


Throughout her career in franchising, Julie has delivered training to business owners looking to franchise their business, helped established franchisors to increase their network and supported new franchisees to grow their franchises successfully. Julie is an accomplished public speaker and has travelled across the world to help others begin their franchise journeys.


As a team, we have seen an increase in both female franchisees and prospective buyers. It provides such pleasure to see that the industry is evolving, and not only is the franchise resales aspect of the industry expanding, but it’s also becoming an equal playing field for men and women. We are excited to see what the future holds for women in franchising and look forward to speaking with many more prospective female buyers and sellers.


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